Dawn's Non-Profit

Wells of Victory

Co-Director of Spirit Care, Inc.

Dawn directs Wells of Victory, a 501(c)3 non profit that uplifts minority communities through Spirituality, Media, Education and the Arts.


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Ms. Native American


Dawn Karima has reigned as Ms. Native American Worldwide, Ms. Native American Achievements and Miss North Carolina Achievement.

Winner of a Native American Music Award 

Dr. Dawn Karima is a WINNER of a Native American Music Award, (NAMMY), an Indigenous Artist Award Winner and an Indigenous Music Award Nominee. 

Author of Two Novels

Dawn is the author of two novels, THE WAY WE MAKE SENSE and THE MARRIAGE OF SAINTS and co-author of CHILDREN LEARN WHAT THEY READ is also the author of a poetry book, THE SINGING OF THE STARS. 

Dawn Karima

Show host, Dawn Karima is an accomplished author, filmmaker and recording artist. 


A former Ms. Native American Worldwide, a graduate of Harvard University and The Ohio State University, Karima intertwines her Creek and Cherokee heritage within her work, offering a complex and insightful portrait of modern Native American life. 

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Media Personality & Spiritual Inspiration

A  Conversation With

Dawn Karima


A Conversation with Dawn Karima presents insightful and inspiring conversations with remarkable members of the Native American community. 


This online radio broadcast features interviews with some of today’s most fascinating and talented Native American artists, authors, musicians, educations, media professionals and scholars.






Dawn Karima continues to put forth her brilliance, creativity and unflinching message of the saga and beauty of Native Peoples...expressed with harmonic splendor that will surely resonate in your soul. She brings you Inside the Native Circle of Life, Lessons and the rhythmic vivacity of what our Native ancestors spoke and dreamed of.


- SUPAMAN, Crow Hip Hop Artist

"Dawn Karima is a visionary, her words navigate the sweep of history yet still articulate the value of each soul, shattering myths, honoring legends. Hers is a powerful voice that transcends this sliver of time."

- Mona Susan Power, Standing Rock Dakota Author

"More than prayer and more than song, (Dawn Karima's words) are blessings, offered in pure heart and true hope. Each word is medicine. Wisdom holder Dawn Karima honors our pasts, expands our present, and promises tomorrow will be just as full of wonder. She plants, waters, and nurtures the tree of life, then sings as it rains down abundant fruit and invites you to dance."

- Chip Livingston, Author of




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